Group Sessions

Friends and Family

Why not come down with friends and family to enjoy an underwater experience that can be the start of a new adventure or simply just for fun.

We cater for Kids Parties or families that want to dive the adventure together having fun and exciting memories for life.

scuba group.jpg


A Scuba Try Dive lasting just one hour is great for groups of young enthusiastic kids wanting to have exciting fun and to do what most people only wish for. This could lead to going on to take a course to allow them to Scuba Dive around the world.  Scuba also teaches them valuable lessons in

supervision and being a team player as well as self reliance. We can cater for groups of up to 16 experiencing a variety of water skills. 

Team Building

Do you have a team in the office that you would like to treat or want to build on their current skills, confidence and experience something a little different. Then book a group session with Bubbles Beneath.  

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